How to get rid of the mental support of poverty

Financial three-step plans, money-making formulas, and the writings of sowing and reaping can be good and good, but if you have a fortress of poverty that is and is hidden in your mind, you can never enter your earthly rich place. If you feel that you may have a mental bulwark of poverty that is preventing you from your earthly rich place and you want to be free, then this article is for you.
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Gary was a Christian who was taught in the church that it is good to worship God and serve God, but to have a wealth of “things” is unacceptable. The “message of prosperity” was taboo. However, he eventually found that, according to God’s Word, financial well-being was the heritage of Christians, and we are blessed to be blessed.

“Beloved, I wish you above all to be happy and in good health, as your soul prospers” (3 John 2).

So Gary began to realize all the truths of well-being he had learned, but instead of breaking free from debt and enjoying a rich life, he continued to fluctuate financially and remained in debt. Fortunately, one day the Lord revealed the problem to him. All his previous teachings about how to seek prosperity were a source of poverty in his mind, which did not give him access to his God-given place. The Lord revealed to him how to destroy this fortress with the mighty mighty weapon of God, the Word of God.

“Is not My word like fire? saith the LORD, and like a hammer that breaketh the rock ”(Jeremiah 23:29)?

The Lord’s instructions were simple. To destroy the bulwark of poverty in his mind, he had to recite three songs aloud four hours a day until they sank into his heart and became a reality. This would free him from the stronghold of poverty that hinders his God-given well-being. Here are three scriptures of prosperity that the Lord commissioned him to speak aloud:
“The lions are wanting and starving, but those who seek the Lord will not ask for anything good” (Psalm 34:10). “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that you through his poverty might be rich” (2 Cor 8: 9). “But my God will fill all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).

I say you have to spend four hours a day saying out loud these promises to destroy any stronghold of poverty that you may have? No. How much time you spend a day proclaiming these promises of well-being is up to you. But I will say this: the more time you spend on it, the faster the results will be.

I suggest starting with fifteen minutes a day and increasing to half an hour or more. Gary said that within three weeks he had noticed a difference in his life, and eventually he was freed from the support of poverty that held him captive. He received the revelation that God was his source and not his work, government or anything else.

And by the way, this formula of the three scriptures will work in any area of ​​your life: healing, confidence, deliverance from sinful bondage, weight loss, or anything else. Just find three scriptures that cover your problem and go.

Once you find that you can break free from the mental stronghold of poverty, it’s time to understand God’s economic system, which is the key to financial independence if item value isn’t an issue because you’re loaded. Click on “Blessed be the blessing” below.

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Infliv Exchange – change the game

Infliv is committed to providing all crypto traders with more profits without commission. This is the first complete exchange that supports multiple cryptocurrencies / tokens on a single platform.
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Infliv is the name of the company, which means that the information is live = INFLIV. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the demand and demand of the times that await today, the Infliv Crypto Exchange platform provides a convenient platform for new traders. it is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies against BTC, ETH, USDT and native IFV tokens.
We are committed to providing a fast and reliable trading experience for our clients in BTC, ETH, USDT and IFV trading options. Infliv prioritizes the security of user tools and information by requiring users to enable 2FA using Google Authenticator or the U2F security key. To ensure the safety of the funds, most system tools are stored in cold wallets and only approx. 0.5% of crypto assets are available in hot wallets for day-to-day operations on the platform.
Deploy function

We deploy the platform in approximately the following order

  • Spot trading
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Infliv will support trading pairs with the following coins

  • BTC
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All traders want a minimum cryptocurrency fee, so we don’t have any trading commission. Infliv is the world’s first subscription-based cryptocurrency exchange (subscription), where unlimited trading on minimum monthly payments and monthly profits in your Infliv token stock.

Infliv is a world-class digital currency exchange (cryptocurrency), Infliv is the only cryptocurrency exchange in the world of initial coin placement (ICO), which allows you to trade on a monthly subscription, you do not need to pay for a transaction on the Infliv exchange. , The revolution of the world digital currency. Infliv is committed to providing all crypto traders with more profits without commission. This is the first complete exchange that supports multiple cryptocurrencies / tokens on a single platform.
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Problems and solutions


Trade fees are mostly only a small percentage or a fraction of a percentage, so most people don’t care. But if you are a professional trader – or want to become one, then you are paying too much money in the form of a fee over time.


To avoid this, INFLIV introduces the world’s first platform for cryptocurrency trading based on subscription (membership), which still allows you to trade throughout the month without TRADING KIND. 50% discount on subscription.
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Details of token distribution

The Infliv Token (IFV) is built using the ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain technology. This technology provides scalability and security for users, token holders will be provided with exclusive benefits such as profits. Holders of Infliv tokens receive 60% of the token revenue from the total monthly subscription fee received on the Infliv exchange, and pay a monthly subscription fee using the infliv token, and receive a 50% discount on the fee. Infliv (IFV) supports all Ethereum wallets.
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Why should you buy Infliv Token?

Infliv provides a solid investment opportunity for investors who want to build wealth over a period of time. This is not a quick enrichment scheme or an opportunity to make money overnight. Investors who buy tokens and keep them in the long run will achieve exceptional results and returns on their investments.
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  • Experienced management team with experience of successful company management.
  • All traders want minimum fees for trading. We have no trade fees.
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  • Infliv represents the world’s first subscription-based cryptocurrency exchange (membership).
  • Token holders will receive exceptional benefits such as profits. Holders of Infliv tokens receive 60% of the token revenue from the total monthly subscription fee received on the Infliv exchange, and pay a monthly subscription fee using the infliv token and receive a 50% discount on the fee.
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  • In the future (2019) Infliv will build a decentralized exchange where BMP will be used as one of the key underlying assets as well as the gas to be consumed.
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  • 24-hour customer support. We have seen that cryptocurrency is the currency of the future and blockchain is the new discovery of this century, so we provide a fast and secure trading experience for our customers in BTC, ETH, USDT and IFV trading options, Infliv prioritizes security of funds and users. information requiring users to enable 2FA using Google Authenticator or the U2F security key. To ensure the safety of the funds, most system tools are stored in cold wallets and only approx. 0.5% of crypto assets are available in hot wallets for day-to-day operations on the platform.
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About Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency created in 2009 by an unknown person under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Although the currency has been around for a long time, its popularity increased several years ago when merchants began accepting it as a form of payment. In addition to using it in your transactions, you can also trade it, making huge profits.
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The benefits of currency trading

There are many reasons why you should consider buying currency. Some of these reasons include:

Ease of entry: Unlike the stock market and other trading channels, there are virtually no barriers to entering the Bitcoin market. All you need to do is identify the seller from whom you can buy. If you are interested in selling, identify the buyer and you are ready to go.
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GlobalA: You can trade currency from anywhere in the world. This means that a person in China can buy or sell a bitcoin to a person in Africa or anywhere else. This makes the currency significant because it is not affected by the economy of one country.

It is unstableA: Like other currencies in the foreign exchange market, bitcoin is very volatile. This means that it is rapidly changing its price due to small shifts in the economy. If you take advantage of the changes, you can make a huge profit.

24/7 tradeA: Unlike the stock market, which operates during business hours, bitcoin trading takes place all day and night. Trade restrictions only on you – not on time.

How to get bitcoin

If you are interested in entering the market, you can use many ways to get currency. Some ways you can use include:
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Buying on the stock exchange: Here you need to enter the market and you will find people who want to sell currency. You need to identify a reliable seller and place an order.

TransfersA: You can also get bitcoin from a friend. Here a friend has to send you currency through an app located on your computer or phone.

Mining: This is the traditional way of getting coins. In this method, you use a computer to solve complex mathematical puzzles. Upon successful completion of the puzzle you will be rewarded with coins. Although this method is free, it usually takes a long time.


This is what you need to know about bitcoins and their trading. If you own a currency, you may choose to keep it in your digital wallet or trade.

Digital currency


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. It is also called virtual currency. It is a digital asset that processes its transactions using cryptography, cryptography is used impenetrably and confirms transactions. In many countries, cryptocurrencies are used as alternative currencies. Bitcoin was added in 2009 as the first decentralized cryptocurrency. After that, many different cryptocurrencies appeared on the market. They are usually known as altcoins. These currencies use decentralized management as a counterbalance to centralized digital money and central banking systems.

Distributed management uses the blockchain database of Bitcoin transactions as a paid ledger. The encryption device generates a decentralized cryptocurrency at a predetermined price that informs the public. In centralized banks and the Federal Reserve, boards of directors or governments control the issuance of currency through the printing of cash units, and the exchange is done through digital banking books. However, in a decentralized cryptocurrency, companies or governments cannot create new organizations or provide support to various companies, banks, or asset-holding companies.

Satoshi Nakamoto Group has created a basic technical gadget for decentralized cryptocurrencies. By September 2017, nearly a thousand cryptocurrencies had been created, most of which could be compared to bitcoins. In cryptocurrency systems, security, integrity, and general ledgers are maintained by a team of mutually suspicious parties known as Miners, leaving the general public checked by their computer systems, and time-stamped transactions are maintained by a specific timestamp scheme. Miners to keep the cryptocurrency book safe for economic reasons.

Most cryptocurrencies constantly minimize the production of currency by limiting the entire amount of currency in circulation and imitating precious metals. Unlike conventional currencies that are stored through monetary institutions such as cash in stock, cryptocurrencies are difficult to confiscate by law enforcement. This issue is related to the use of cryptographic technologies. Law enforcement officers faced this problem in the Silk Road case, in which Ulbricht’s bitcoin was “encrypted”. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are aliases, although applications such as Zerocoin have been proposed to ensure true anonymity.

Some unknown individuals or people used the name Satoshi Nakamoto and added Bitcoin in 2009, the first digital currency. It used the cryptographic hash function SHA-256 as a working scheme. Previously, Namecoin was located in April 2011. Litecoin was previously released, in October 2011 Scrypt had a hash feature in it. The cryptocurrency Peercoin used the hybrid as proof of work. IOTA did not use a blockchain, it uses a tangle. Based on a customized blockchain, The Divi Project allows you to effortlessly buy and sell currencies from your wallet and be able to use non-public credentials for transactions. Subsequently, many unique cryptocurrencies were created, but only some of them were successful because they lacked technical innovations.

The first bitcoin ATM was installed in Texas, USA, on February 20, 2014 by Robocoin creator Jordan Kelly. This ATM was identical to the ATM of the bank, however it examined identification persons such as a passport or a user’s driver’s license using scanners. In 2017, almost 1,574 bitcoin ATMs were installed in different countries, and in 2017, 3 ATMs were connected per day.

The legal status of cryptocurrencies varies greatly from country to country and is still maintained in many. Although some countries have explicitly allowed their use and trade, others have banned them. In addition, different government institutions restrict bitcoin in different ways. In 2014, the Central Bank of China banned the circulation of bitcoins by Chinese financial institutions. However, cryptocurrencies are legal in Russia, although the use of other currencies to buy goods other than the Russian ruble is prohibited. The United States Internal Revenue Service allowed bitcoin to be taxed on capital gains, and on March 25, 2014, that decision clarified the legality of bitcoin.

The future of Bitcoin

Recently, the world is changing rapidly, as is the monetary system. With the use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, in fashion people are interested in assessing the possible future of bitcoin, which needs to be clarified and backed up by facts and insightful rationality.

In 2009, a new currency concept emerged that was introduced into the financial world. It was a little confusing to people, but after a year or two it turned out to be a trend. Today, more and more people and businesses are using bitcoin for a variety of reasons. The digital currency is still undergoing regular updates to improve all possible ways.


People all over the world are well aware of cryptocurrency. In addition, opinions in this regard from experts are much more. Quite often it can be found that currency experts who are fans of bitcoins, believe that in the next couple of years for each coin is expected from 250,000 to 500,000 dollars.
On the other hand, you will find several well-known financial analysts and experts who without hesitation warn people about the problems they may face when investing in bitcoin. Experts acknowledge the fact that this currency called bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can give a lot to the public, but the day is not far off when people who invest will suffer and receive a significant blow.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of bitcoins. If the shortcomings are eliminated, there is a high probability that the entire international financial system will be transformed. Let’s look at them:


• You really have complete control over the money and can send and receive any amount 24X7. This is possible because transactions are not carried out by central or commercial banks or any centralized organizations.
• The transaction fee is minimal compared to any other online money transaction. The mining service, which records transactions on the appropriate blockchain, actually charges a commission, and that’s pretty low.
• Because personal information is not traded, this is the safest way to transaction money. Besides, there are no worries either.
• With minimal processing costs, everyone can count on a reliable and fastest way to transfer money.
• Bitcoin is not affected by price fluctuations in any of the world’s economies, unlike other currencies.


• Bitcoin needs to hold up better in global and local financial markets.
• Bitcoin price stability should focus on more people and businesses using cryptocurrency.
• There is no confidence in the purchasing power of bitcoin that can be provided to investors or users.

The future of Bitcoin is just speculation
The disadvantages of bitcoin are not easy to ignore, but they can be easily contained. With a stronger market presence and greater price stability, this could become the easiest type of online currency in the future. The future of bitcoin is, in fact, nothing but speculation. There are positive reviews from people around the world and this could be the next big deal.

6 benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies

The birth of bitcoin in 2009 opened the door to investment opportunities in a completely new type of asset class – cryptocurrency. Many went into space early.

Intrigued by the huge potential of these younger but promising assets, they bought the crypto at cheap prices. So in 2017, they became millionaires / billionaires. Decent income was received even by those who did not bet much.

After three years, cryptocurrencies are still profitable, and the market is here for a long time. Maybe you are already an investor / trader or maybe you are planning to try your luck. In both cases, it makes sense to know the benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies have a bright future

According to a report called Imagine 2030 published by Deutsche Bank, credit and debit cards will become obsolete. They will be replaced by smartphones and other electronic devices.

Cryptocurrencies will no longer be seen as outcasts, but as an alternative to existing monetary systems. Their benefits, such as security, speed, minimum transaction fees, ease of storage and relevance in the digital age, will be recognized.

Specific regulatory guidelines would promote cryptocurrencies and facilitate their adoption. The report estimates that by 2030 there will be 200 million cryptocurrency wallet users and nearly 350 million by 2035.

An opportunity to become part of a growing community

#IndiaWantsCrypto from WazirX the campaign recently ended 600 days ago. This has become a massive movement in support of the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchains in India.

In addition, a recent Supreme Court ruling that lifts the ban on RBI cryptocurrencies from 2018 has sparked a new surge of confidence among Indian investors in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The Edelman Trust Barometer report for 2020 also points to people’s growing faith in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. According to the results, 73% of Indians trust cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 60% say the cryptocurrency / blockchain impact will be positive.

As an investor in cryptocurrency, you become part of a thriving and fast-growing community.

Increased profit potential

Diversification is an important rule for investment. Especially at a time when most assets have suffered heavy losses due to economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While investing in bitcoin has yielded 26% of profits since the beginning of the year to date, gold has returned 16%. Many other cryptocurrencies have registered three-digit ROI. Stock markets, as we all know, have shown sad figures. In April, oil prices are known to have fallen below zero.

Including bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in your portfolio will protect the value of your fund in such uncertain global market situations. This fact was also impressed by the head of the macro-hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, when a month ago he announced plans to invest in bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency markets operate 24X7X365

Unlike conventional markets, cryptocurrency markets operate around the clock, all days of the year without fatigue. This is because digital currency systems are essentially designed using pieces of software code that are protected by cryptography.

The operational plan does not provide for human intervention. This way, you are free to trade crypto or invest in digital assets if you wish. This is a great benefit! Thus, cryptocurrency markets are very efficient.

For example, Bitcoin has successfully handled transactions with uptime 99.98% since its inception in 2009.

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No documents or formalities are required

You can invest in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime without preconditions.

Unlike conventional investment options, where an absurdly large number of documents are required to prove yourself as an “accredited investor”, crypto-investments are free for everyone. In fact, this was the intended purpose of generating cryptocurrencies. Democratization of finance / money.

To buy any cryptocurrency on WazirX, you need to open an account for which you just need to provide some basic information including your bank account information. Once they are checked, in a few hours, you can go.

The only property in the investment

When you buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you become the sole owner of that digital asset. The transaction takes place in a peer agreement.

Unlike bonds, mutual funds, stockbrokers, no third party “manages your investments” for you. You buy and sell when you want.

User autonomy is the biggest advantage of cryptocurrency systems, which provides incredible opportunities to invest and build a case on your fixed capital “independently”.

These were some of the benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies. We hope you find them useful and compelling enough to begin your journey in cryptoinvestment.

What is Bitcoin and is it a good investment?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a new type of digital currency – with cryptographic keys – that is decentralized to a network of computers used by users and miners around the world and is not controlled by a single organization or government. It is the first digital cryptocurrency to attract public attention and is accepted by a growing number of merchants. Like other currencies, users can use digital currency to buy goods and services online, as well as in some physical stores that accept it as a form of payment. Currency traders can also trade bitcoins on Bitcoin exchanges.

There are several major differences between Bitcoin and traditional currencies (such as the US dollar):

  1. Bitcoin does not have a centralized authority or clearing company (such as government, central bank, MasterCard or Visa network). Simultaneous payment network is managed by users and miners around the world. Currency is anonymously transferred directly between users via the Internet without passing through the clearing house. This means that the commission for transactions is much lower.
  2. Bitcoin is created through a process called “bitcoin mining”. Miners around the world use mining software and computers to solve complex bitcoin algorithms and to approve bitcoin transactions. They are rewarded with a transaction fee and new bitcoins obtained by solving bitcoin algorithms.
  3. The number of bitcoins in circulation is limited. According to Blockchain, as of December 20, 2013, there were about 12.1 million in circulation. The difficulty of mining bitcoins (solution algorithms) is becoming more difficult as more bitcoins are created, and the maximum number in circulation is limited to 21 million. The limit will not be reached until about 2140. This makes bitcoins more valuable as more people use them.
  4. A public book called “Blockchain” records all bitcoin transactions and shows the respective holdings of each bitcoin owner. Anyone can access the public ledger to verify transactions. This makes the digital currency more transparent and predictable. More importantly, transparency prevents fraud and double the costs of the same bitcoins.
  5. Digital currency can be purchased through Bitcoin mining or the Bitcoin exchange.
  6. Digital currency is accepted by a limited number of merchants online and in some regular retail chains.
  7. Bitcoin wallets (similar to PayPal accounts) are used to store bitcoins, private keys and public addresses, as well as to anonymously transfer bitcoins between users.
  8. Bitcoins are not insured or protected by government agencies. Therefore, they cannot be recovered if the secret keys have been stolen by a hacker or lost due to a faulty hard drive, or due to the closure of the Bitcoin exchange. If secret keys are lost, related bitcoins cannot be recovered and will be withdrawn from circulation. Follow this link to learn about bitcoin.

I believe that bitcoin will gain more public recognition because users can remain anonymous when buying goods and services online, the transaction fee is much lower than in credit card payment networks; a public book is available to anyone that can be used to prevent fraud; the amount of currency is limited to 21 million, and the payment network is managed by users and Miner, not the central authority.

However, I don’t think it’s a great tool for investing because it’s very volatile and not very stable. For example, the price of bitcoin has risen from about $ 14 to a high of $ 1,200 this year before falling to $ 632 per BTC at the time of writing.

This year, bitcoin has risen because investors believed the currency would gain more recognition and that it would rise in value. The currency fell 50% in December as BTC China (China’s largest bitcoin operator) announced it could no longer accept new deposits due to government decrees. And according to Bloomberg, China’s central bank has banned financial institutions and payment companies from processing bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin is likely to gain more public recognition over time, but its value is extremely volatile and very sensitive to news such as government regulations and restrictions that could negatively affect the currency.

Therefore, I do not advise investors to invest in bitcoin if they have not been purchased for less than $ 10 per BTC because it will much greater margin of safety.

Otherwise, I believe it is much better to invest in stocks that have strong fundamentals as well as great business prospects and management teams because core companies have intrinsic values ​​and are more predictable.

Disclosure: Victor Liang has no positions in bitcoins and has no plans to change his position in the next 72 hours.

Information cycles of stock market feedback, investment, innovation and mathematical trends

It seems that no matter how complex our civilization and society become, we humans are able to cope with ever-changing dynamics, find the cause in what seems chaos, and create order from what seems random. We run through life, watching each other, trying to find meaning – sometimes we are able, sometimes not, and sometimes it seems to us that we see patterns that may or may not be. Our intuitive minds try to make a rhyme out of the mind, but in the end without empirical evidence much of our theories behind how and why everything works or doesn’t work can’t be proven or disproved in some way.

I would like to discuss with you an interesting piece of evidence found by a Wharton Business School professor who sheds light on information flows, stock prices and corporate decision making, and then ask you, the reader, a few questions about how we could gain a better understanding of what is happening around us that we observe in our society, civilization, economy and business world every day. Okay, let’s talk?

On April 5, 2017, the Knowledge @ Wharton podcast had an interesting feature titled, “How the Stock Market Influences Corporate Decision Making,” and interviewed Wharton Finance Professor Ita Goldstein, who discussed evidence of feedback between information and the stock market. & corporate decision making. Back in October 2011, the professor, along with two other professors, James Doe and Alexander Gembel, wrote an article entitled: “Incentives to produce information in markets where prices affect real investment.”

In the article, he noted that when investing in stocks or mergers based on the amount of information received, there is an informational effect of strengthening. Producers of market information; investment banks, advisory companies, independent industry advisors and financial newsletters, newspapers and, I suppose, even TV segments on Bloomberg News, FOX Business News and CNBC, as well as on financial blogging platforms such as Seeking Alpha.

The document noted that if a company decides to go for acquisition or announces potential investments – the immediate growth of information suddenly appears from several sources, within the merger company, investment banks M&A, industry consulting companies, target company, regulators, which expect changes in the sector, competitors who may want to prevent mergers, etc. We all know this to be the case when reading and watching financial news, however, this paper contains real data and shows empirical evidence of this fact.

This infuriates both small and large investors who are now trading in rich information, whereas before they did not consider it, and there was no real serious information to talk about. In the podcast, Professor Itai Goldstein notes that the feedback cycle is created as the sector has more information, leading to increased trading, an upward shift, which causes more reporting and more information for investors. He also noted that people usually trade on positive information rather than negative. Negative information would force investors to stay away, positive information provides an incentive for potential gain. Answering the question, the professor also noted the opposite, that if information decreases, so does investment in the sector.

Well, that was the essence of the podcast and the research work. Now I would like to take this conversation and assume that these truths also apply to new innovative technologies and sectors, and these may be recent examples; 3-D printing, commercial drones, augmented reality headsets, computing watches, etc.

We are all familiar with the “hype curve” when it meets the “diffusion curve of innovation” where the early hype stimulates investment, but it is volatile due to the fact that it is a new technology that cannot yet live up to the hype expectations. So it rises up like a rocket and then falls back to earth, only to find a balance point of reality where technology meets expectations and a new innovation is ready to start ripening and then rises again and grows as new innovations should normally.

At the same time, the empirical evidence of Ita Goldstein et al. al., paper It would seem that the “information flow” or lack thereof is the driving factor if PR, information and excitement do not accelerate along with the trajectory of the “hype curve” model. This makes sense because new firms don’t necessarily continue to advertise or promote so aggressively once they have secured the first few rounds of venture funding or have enough capital to play with to achieve their temporary future goals in research and development of new technology. However, I would suggest that these firms increase their PR (perhaps logarithmically) and provide more and more information to avoid an early collapse in interest or drying up of initial investment.

Another way to use this knowledge, which may require further investigation, would be to find the “optimal information flow” needed to attract investment to new startups in the sector without building up a “hype curve” too high that does not crash the sector or with new potential a company-specific product. Since we now know our own feedback cycle, it would make sense to monitor it to optimize stable and long-term growth when new innovative products enter the market – easier to plan and invest cash flows.

Mathematically speaking, finding that the optimal speed of information flow is possible, the companies, investment banks with this knowledge could eliminate uncertainty and risk from the equation and thus promote innovation with more predictable profits, perhaps even staying just a few steps ahead of market imitators and competitors.

Additional questions for future research:

1.) Can we control the flow of investment information in emerging markets to prevent growth and decline cycles?

2.) Can central banks use mathematical algorithms to control information flows to stabilize growth?

3.) Can we dwell on information flows operating at “industry association levels” as milestones when investments are made to protect the reverse side of the curve?

4.) Can we program matrix AI solution systems into such equations to help executives sustain long-term corporate growth?

5.) Are there information flow algorithms that reconcile these identified correlations with investment and information?

6.) Can we improve software to trade derivatives to recognize and use information and investment feedback?

7.) Can we better track political races using information flow voting models? After all, voting your dollar for an investment is very similar to voting for a candidate and the future.

8.) Can we use “biased” mathematical models of social networks as a basis for predicting the trajectory of the information and investment course?

I would like you to think about all this and see if you see what I see here?

CFD Trading on Forex and Stocks

CFD trading is a term for a “difference contract”; it is an agreement between two parties; “Buyer” and “seller”; they agree that the “seller” will pay the difference between the current price and the price at the time of the contract.

The “buyer” will make a profit if the price moves up during the term of the contract; if the price moves down, the buyer will lose his contract money.

CFD trading is common in the financial market; some of the areas of the Forex market and the stock market; other areas of the market are commodity and index markets.

The thinking in this article concerns Forex trading and stocks in connection with CFD trading. The first part is a brief description of the two market areas, and the second part is trade with indicators.

Forex Market

In the last couple of years, the world economy is in a financial crisis, and the crisis has affected prices in the financial world. One of the currency pairs that has been moving mostly is EURUSD; since August 2011 EURUSD has moved from 1.4400 to 1.2200 in July 2012 and the currency pair is still moving strongly. In the first quarter of 2013, EURUSD was bearish from 1.3300 to 1: 2800.

Stock market

The reverse stock market was moving in a different direction; In the United States, the Dow Jones set a historic record in 2013, as the Dow Jones index was the highest since 1913. The reason is that the United States economy has been systematically recovering from the global crisis and has given hope that the United States economy is in the process of recovering.

Trade with indicator

The historical description of stocks and the Forex market shows that the stock market is on the rise and the Forex market, represented by EURUSD, is volatile.

Some traders in the CFD market have decided to trade with indicators. The advantage is that they do not need to know whether the economy is in crisis or recovering, because the indicators they use will decide when they will enter the deal and when they will make a profit in trade.

One indicator is the MACD indicator; it is an indicator that provides information about market trends; the indicator consists of a MACD line and a signal line; a trend change occurs when two lines intersect. The MACD indicator is illustrated in the video at this link.

That’s why cryptocurrency Dash disgraces bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are now in vogue.

Everywhere you see headlines with an impressive thousands of percent of profits for “coins” such as bitcoin. But what gives them value? Have you ever used bitcoin?

The truth is that now it is impractical, primarily because of the amount of time required to complete the transaction. But there are other coins that are becoming valid candidates for becoming a successful bitcoin as a cryptocurrency № 1.

There is much to understand about the intricacies of cryptocurrencies, but this article is more about finding investment opportunities than explaining the science behind them.

A bubble in bitcoins?

It is important to know the concept of “mining”. This is the very basis of cryptocurrency. This creates new bitcoins.

Simply put, the “miner” with the help of special software solves a complex mathematical problem and is rewarded with new bitcoins. The transaction is then stored in the blockchain, and these new bitcoins are officially in circulation.

As more bitcoins are traded, their mining becomes more complex, time consuming and less profitable. Thus, although about 80% of possible bitcoins are in circulation right now, the latter will not be mined until 2140.

As most people know, this year Bitcoin has experienced a giant rally. In fact, over the last year it has grown by about 1200%, which makes many people think it’s a bubble.

The total value of bitcoins in circulation is now more than $ 150 billion. If Bitcoin was a company, it would be in the top 50 largest in the United States.

I personally believe that the only reason bitcoin is much more valuable than any other cryptocurrency is that it was the first to break into the mainstream. However, this is still important. This at least gives other coin developers something to improve on.

The good thing is that even if you think you missed the boat with bitcoins, there are many other cryptocurrencies. Sure, some are scams, but others have real potential.

One that, in my opinion, has a real practical application is called Dash.

Dash: Digital Cash

First, Dash is ahead of the game in terms of convenience. Bitcoin transactions now take an average of 10 minutes to an hour. Dash is a basic cryptocurrency that can be transferred instantly (in less than one second) between parties, making it much more practical when it comes to buying things online or in a store.

One of the most attractive features of Dash is that 10% of newly minted coins are given to Dash DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Simply put, DAO is a treasure trove of Dash. At the current price of over $ 600 per coin, that’s $ 4 million a month that he can use.

It is important to know that no other coin has such continuous funding. With this money Dash DAO can develop and sell currency.

In addition, everyone can present the idea of ​​a project to increase the value of Dash. Thousands of Dash developers then vote for the project. An example would be partnering with stores to make Dash a viable transaction tool for their goods.

Of course, these developers make money on Dash, so anything that benefits and promotes the currency will be attractive.

This creates a circular effect, if the currency rises in price because it is better financed and sold, then DAO earns more money and it can sell Dash even more.

Breakthrough for Dash

So far, Dash can be used in more than 300 physical stores and more than 100 websites to purchase goods or services. But a breakthrough for this could come from the marijuana industry.

Banks are now banned from engaging in marijuana transactions; everything needs to be made cash. Sellers can’t even put money from their sale into a bank.

Not only does it threaten to be robbed, but these companies have to pay for the storage and transportation of cash. It develops quickly.

The ability to use Dash would be huge for these vendors. It would also mean great things for the price of Dash.

The good news is that it has already begun to progress. In April, Dash partnered with the Alt Thirty Six digital payment system, which has partnered with some of the leading companies developing software to manage business in the country.

These software companies track transactions for hundreds of clinics and delivery services. This means that Dash users already have hundreds of ways to use currency.

Since Dash officially became a payment method on Alt Thirty Six on October 11, its value has risen 118%. It’s only a month and a half.

Just the beginning

With a market capitalization of just $ 4.8 billion compared to $ 156 billion in bitcoin, I believe Dash still has plenty of room for growth.

The marijuana industry is just the beginning for Dash, but it’s great. In 2016, legal sales were about $ 7 billion. Another $ 46 billion was sold on the black market.

And as more stores open and marijuana becomes legal in more states, that legal figure is expected to be $ 23 billion by 2021 and $ 50 billion by 2026.

Again, this is just the beginning for Dash. Its unique instant transaction feature makes it a viable alternative to cash, giving it an edge over other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.